These are the provisional results. Any student can check if it is a selected candidate. Please bear in mind that the Appealing proccess will last until next Friday April 8th.

Everyone interested can appeal sending an email to: NO EMAIL WILL BE ANSWERED AFTER THIS DEADLINE.

There has been a change in staff-TG1-Armenia and the list has been updated. No need to remind that it is a provisional list.

IMPORTANT: Reduction for PhD Mobilities from 3rd countries to Europe.

All PhD mobilities from 3rd countries to Europe included in the 3rd Cohort of EMBER will be reduced from 16 months to 10 months due to the deadline of the Project. The Project finishes next July 14th, 2017 and no mobility can extend further than this date.

Messasge to Linköping University Applicants.

We deeply regret  to inform all potential applicants that due to financial restrictions Linköping University can not welcome any Undergraduate and Master students from the 3rd cohort. Anyway Linköping University is eager to welcome applications from doctor, post doc and staff candidates.
Ember Coordinator.

Definitive list of selected candidates

Please check the definitive list. If you are a selected candidate we will contact you via email sending you the acceptance letter. THE SCHOLARSHIP ACCEPTANCE DEADLINE IS NEXT SUNDAY MAY 10th.