Project Management


The Project Coordinator manages the administrative, legal and financial matters of the Partnership and is responsible for all contacts with the EACEA. The Coordinator shall report to the Partners that they have full insight into the administrative, legal and financial matters.


The role and contribution of the co-coordinator is joint coordination and management of the partnership relating to academic, administrative and financial aspects. The co-coordinator will put forward  its best practices, experience, institutional capacity and knowledge to fulfill the specific tasks to ensure outreach, visibility, and performance of the project.


All Project Partners commit to plan and organize their respective activities within the programme and specifically to the promotion of individual mobility from their universities according to the general principles decided by the Project Management Board.

Associate Partners:

The Associate Partners were selected in order to maximize the impact of the expected results of the project. In addition to that, the associated partners will support the promotion of the project in terms of disseminating informational material and, to communicate the objectives to interested persons.

Project Management Board:

  • Coordinator (University of Seville)
  • Co-Coordinator (Tbilisi State University)


  • Delegating responsibilities to EMBER Project Representatives
  • Draft Study Plan

Selection Board:

  • Permanent Members: Coordinator + Co-Coordinator
  • Temporary Members: 3 EU Partners +1 Third Country Partner


  • Selection process

Quality Assurance Board:

  • Permanent Members: Coordinator + Co-Coordinator
  • Permanent Members: 1 EU Partner +1 Third Country Partner


  • Collect and compile an executive summary of internal quality assurance materials